Laser Treatments :

Pigmented Lesions
KTP laser emits green light at a wavelength of 532nm. This laser produces energy, which selectively targets melanin and haemoglobin. Therefore superficial brown and red spots on the face can be eliminated by this laser.

KTP (532nm) : This laser is used to lighten freckles, sun induced spots and other pigmented lesions.

What are the indications for KTP ?

Sun induced broken capillaries
Spider angiomas
Vascular birthmarks
Red scars
Red stretch marks
Solar lentigines

How many sessions of KTP are required?

Depending on the intensity of redness and pigmentation, the sessions have to be repeated after 4-6 weeks. On an average 2-6 treatment sessions are required.

What are the after effects of KTP?

Immediately following the treatment the lesions appear red and swollen for a day. The next day delicate scabs form, which fall off in three to five days without a scar.

What precautions have to be taken? :

You have to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 daily and reapply as advised. You can return to work immediately after the procedure.

Switched Laser:

Unwanted tattoos and pigmented lesions are effectively removed by this technology.

Veins : Delicate thread like veins on the face and legs and small blue veins on the leg can vanish with laser treatment. After the procedure, redness to be expected within 15 minutes and it would last up to a day. Some veins will disappear soon after the treatment while others might take 2–6 weeks to fade away. This treatment can be repeated after a gap of 6 weeks.

Pre- and post-procedure instructions :

Stop all medicated creams 2 days before and 5 days after the treatment.
Apply an antibiotic cream twice daily for 5 days after the procedure.
Follow the cleansing and moisturizing routine from the second day onwards.
Apply sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 after the treatment.
Avoid threading / waxing / bleaching on face for 7 days after the treatment.

Post-procedure symptoms :

1st–2nd day – redness and swelling will be noticed
3rd–5th day – brownish discolouration followed by scab formation occurs. Avoid manual removal of scabs

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