Microdermabrasion :

In Microdermabrasion, a fine stream of aluminium oxide crystals is used to exfoliate the skin’s upper layers. The intensity of exfoliation can be varied to suit an individual’s skin type from light exfoliation to deeper resurfacing. The procedure stimulates collagen production and renews skin elasticity; thereby, enhancing the skin tone and resilience. Superficial acne scars and enlarged pores may also be reduced.

Pre- and post-procedure instructions :

Stop all medicated applications on the face, 2 days before the procedure and 5 days after it, or as advised.
Avoid excessive exposure to the sun between 11 am and 4 pm.
Use SPF 15-30 sunscreen lotion regularly.
Use a moisturiser if the skin feels dry and stretched.
Do not thread / bleach / wax / shave hair (parlour activities) 5 days before and after the procedure.

Microdermabrasion is a modern, gentle approach to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin by using a fine stream of crystals. The intensity can be varied to suit an individuals skin type, from a light exfoliation to a deep resurfacing. This effective treatment will renew elasticity and collagen production enhancing the tone and resilience of the skin. Microdermabrasion will also reduce acne, acne scarring and enlarged pores. This treatment is designed to be performed in a series of 4 sessions done on a fortnightly basis to achieve optimum results.

What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is a Depigmentation treatment based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Several of the substances present in Cosmelan formula act by blocking this enzyme. Its principal action is the elimination of melanin patches on the face (melasma and chloasma).

How is MD performed?

Using horizontal and vertical directions , probes of the MD machine provide a continuous flow of tiny aluminium oxide crystals on the skin through one side of the probe,while by vaccum through the other end of the probe sucks the crystals along with the epithelial debri

What can MD treat?

Acne and congestion
Rough or thickened skin
Fine lines
General skin rejuvenation
Maintain your skins health

Contra-indications (reasons why MDA may not be suitable for you)

Roaccutane use in the last 6 months
Cystic acne
Recent sunburn

Patient After-Care for Microdermabrasion :

Avoid the use of moisturisers or lotions containing active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acids, perfumes and colours. Please use the moisturiser supplied to you for 3-7 days or until your skin is no longer sensitive. Thereafter, continue with your usual moisturises unless advised otherwise. Sunscreen with a minimum spf of 30 is a must. If you have any concerns or questions please call us.

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